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October 25-28th 2020

For its 5th edition, the Comptoir des Talents was set up in the Holy family Church, a very central place in the Helmet area, which waits for years for a new use.  The project was organized in partnership with the designer Pauline Dornat  and the non-profit organization Bruzelles.

Goal: To draw public attention to the non-cultural space of the church (transept), which has been awaiting a solid reallocation project for more than 10 years. To promote the work of professional craftmen from Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Germany.
Results: 105 visitors of all ages attended the Autumn Counter in strict compliance with Covid-19 sanitary measures. For many of them, it was their first opportunity to enter the church, to admire the place and to learn that it is awaiting a reassignment. More than 200 individually wrapped sanitary towels were collected  at the collection point Bruzelle. These donations in kind will be distributed discreetly by BruZelle vzw to the women living on the streets.
Media: RTBF-radio VIVACITE Brussels morning, interview by Julie VanH, 22 October 2020.

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Summer experience June 25-28th 2020

The Comptoir des Talents sets up shop at POINT 43, the Mecca of dressmaking and sewing in Schaerbeek with lots of new objects and high-quality natural materials.
All our objects are 100% designed and manufactured by craftsmen in Spain, Greece, Portugal and Germany.

When? From Tuesday 25th until Sunday 28th 2020, 11.00 am – 6.00 pm.
Where? POINT 43, 43 rue de l’Agriculture – 1030 Brussels.
Infos: – 0478 717 418

Achievements in 2019

December 2019 - Le Comptoir des 1030 Talents

Le Comptoir des Talents is proud to have been selected to organise the first pop-up of professional craftsmen in Schaerbeek.

This event brought together 12 local craftsmen but also creators from elsewhere in Europe, all committed in sustainable and responsible consumption.

More than 500 visitors came to this perfect place to find an original, unique and sustainable gift, handmade with care by professional craftsmen.

October 2019 - Le Comptoir at the Point 43

Le Comptoir des Talents was installed for 2 days in the sewing workshop POINT 43.

Point 43 is the perfect place for creating and making clothes but also having a sewing lesson and a colour advice.

An opportunity to discover this original workplace and unique and durable gifts.

Spring 2019 - Le Comptoir at Textiles Albert

In spring 2019, the Comptoir des Talents was welcomed for 6 weeks at Textiles Albert, a house located in the Helmet district since 1953.

Specialized in the manufacture and installation of draperies, curtains and blinds, Textiles Albert guarantees a quality work made to measure in its workshops.

Feel like hosting the Comptoir des Talents?

You are the owner of a shop in or near Schaerbeek? Your shop is renowned for the quality of its products & services? You are sensitive to the valorization of the work of the artisans? You feel like hosting our traveling stall in your shop?

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