A simple and collaborative approach

I select professional craftsmen established in Europe, distinguished by their genuine know-how and committed to social responsibility. They manufacture sustainable items with natural materials and low ecological impact.

I exhibit those high quality items (accessories and homeware) in a retail shop or in a workshop in Schaerbeek. The place is centrally located and recognized for the quality of its products & services.

Each year, 3% of the turnover are donated to a transparent belgian charity that helps people in need.

A simple and collaborative approach to boost a virtuous circle between local economy and social responsibility !

Social responsibility


Made from natural materials with little or no fabrication (wool, linen, wood, metal) or materials that find a second life (upcycling).


Handcrafted in the workshops of professional artisans who preserve and maintain traditional and local know-how.


Manufactured with technological solutions with low environmental impact within the framework of rules that guarantee a fair salary for the craftsman.

Zero waste

No disposable packaging, only reused bags. The craftsmen deliver us their products without superfluous packing, in short circuit between their workshop and our sales counter.

Fair price

No unnecessary costs thanks to the short circuit and the establishment of Le Comptoir in active local shops. These savings are reflected in the selling price of the items.

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