Promote the know-how of professional artisans

In Brussels, the Comptoir des Talents offers you a unique choice of utilitarian or decorative objects, made with the know-how of professional craftsmen.

The Comptoir des Talents is located in the heart of many local shops renowned for the quality of their products and services.

A unique concept that combines the pleasure of offering sustainable objects, (re) visiting local businesses and discovering authentic craftsmanship.


We select professional craftsmen who create and manufacture decorative and everyday objects. We do not offer food, jewelry or clothing.

All these craftsmen are distinguished by their traditional know-how and their societal commitment, resulting in guaranteed quality of work that respects the human and the planet.

With a reach as far as possible, we meet these craftsmen in person before proposing their creations.

Origin of Le Comptoir

Le Comptoir des Talents was designed by Pascale Gonda, a current resident of the Helmet district of Schaerbeek and owner of a bed and breakfast for many years.

In 2018, after having long coordinated a foundation in the philanthropy sector, Pascale decided to start her own business with the desire to breathe new life into her retail district.

Passionate about traditional trades and models of local and solidarity economy, she conducted a test of her concept by creating a micro store within a local business and administered a survey of residents, traders, and artisans of the neighborhood.

Those surveyed revealed a shared desire for a diversified supply of quality products, the valorization of know-how artisans, user-friendliness, and support for sustainable and responsible approaches.

As a result of these strong desires, Le Comptoir des Talents debuted in early 2019 …

Our ambition

Contribute to the development of a local economy that values ​​and encourages the know-how of professional artisans.

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